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Mothers and
Nature - invinceable

Matinata translates to "Mother Nature". This is at the heart of everything we do. Mothers are loving, compassionate, gentle, and always tender. This is where we return to feel connected and boundless. Nature can love us in the same way if we let it.

Matinata was born with the purpose to help you reconnect with your skin and honour your unique beauty. Our mission is to encourage you to reconnect with your skin on a deeper level. We encourage you to create your own restorative rituals elevated with the power of mother nature’s endless wisdom.

From seed to bottle, our small batches are sustainably crafted with integrity. We do this so we can honour the proven abilities of each plant, which can then support your skin with their resilient qualities.

Aging is an honour and Matinata is here to help you wear your skin with great pride. We’ve thoughtfully created products to restore your skin's natural strength, radiance and beauty. We encourage you to take a moment every day to care for your skin and embrace every life line.
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What inspired me to raise Matinata

Matinata was born from my personal life journey to make healthier choices and a need to embrace the pure enjoyment of living and loving.

I am a woman with a corporate background who discovered the power of phytopharmacy in my search for better life choices after facing severe illness. I traded in my black suit for a lab coat and began studying skin biology and natural skincare formulations.

I discovered that there was some controversy between certain health problems and some synthetic ingredients. This light bulb moment made me question the integrity of many cosmetic products from formulation to supply chain and beyond.

I believe there is no place for any doubt when it comes to what we choose to put on our skin. My passion is to create safe skincare that has its roots in science and nature.

I have decided to raise Matinata.

a note from the founder

a note from the founder

I want my story to inspire many women to create a better life for themselves, never give up on their dreams, do good for our beautiful Mother Nature and leave a mark that our children will one day be proud of.

As a mother of two, I rely on my love because it makes me feel like the impossible is possible. I draw my strength from the motherly love I carry within me. With the same caring, gentle and constant tenderness - that is how mother nature can love us. Mother nature’s selfless support graces us with her precious ingredients to give our skin a deep sense of wellbeing so our natural beauty shines through.

This is Matinata.

with love, Ivanka